A little about Me…

I am a pretty woman with an intense dominant side and I am looking for a male or female sub for service and devotion. I am intelligent, creative, mentally stimulating and sensual. I am very comfortable with my life, career and sexuality. I’m looking for someone strong and independent and willing to learn as I am also learning and growing within the lifestyle. I am a very assertive, honest and direct woman.

I am more into the psychological, sensual and erotic themes of D/s… however punishment is always needed for training and the building of a virtuous submissive. I do not have any issue with picking up a paddle or a flogger and dealing out a good beating if one deserves it however, I find that if a sub is nurtured and rewarded he becomes a better person for Me and for himself. I would much rather reward than punish and I take a great deal of pride in training. I want a sub with a servant’s heart and one who can seduce my dominant nature. I want a submissive who can also be assertive when I want him/her to be or when he/she needs to make a decision when I am not present. Intelligence is very important.